How can you hurt a man the most?

What's the best way of hurting a man and causling him the most pain? How do I wreck his life?


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  • YOU can’t. You’ve already lost. Any man who could hurt you enough to make you want to hurt him this much doesn’t care much about you. And if he doesn’t care much about you you don’t have the power to hurt him. Anger maybe but not hurt. Anything you do is almost guaranteed to be more of a waste for you than it is for him

    • Agree 100%. He has to care to be hurt.

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    • @GingerGuy This is not true. You can hurt them
      regardless of them caring or not. I have been pretending to care about him for the last 6 month but I'm getting impatient. I'll ruin this piece of shit, him caring or not is irrelevant.

    • Good luck. I think you're wrong, but you obviously need to believe it. I totally understand how you feel. You're not likely to get the outcome you seek though. It's a waste of your time and not good for you to hold onto the anger. But I know how hard it is to let that go also.

  • And what do you get out of hurting him by stopping to an even lower level as he did. Because as far as I see it he hurt your feelings really bad but not your life. Cheating on someone or deceiving some one does not automatically equal wrecking someone. You talk like your ready to do some real serious even illegal shit just to get even. What ever you call even that is. In the end its only hurting you the most. Like an example I saw in one of your answers getting a baby? What you think that baby's life gonna be like? And yours having a child with someone you hate?

    • I don't care to stooping to his level long as I see him hurt. Why should he get away with hurting me?

      I'd never do anything that would have legal consequences for me. Having his baby is one of the options I'm considering. I am a very loving person so I'd pove the baby with all my heart. He would just never get to come near it. He always wanted a child so I hope that'll hurt a lot

    • And in the proces hurting the baby? Or are you one of those people that think men are obsolete in raising children? My wife left me when the youngest was just 5 month old. (Could not handle the responsibility and had a hidden drinking problem) did I get hurt? Yeah hell I got hurt she used me for 3 years claiming to be sick so couldn't help with household while I worked shifts and taking care of her son that was 3 at the moment. She cheated on me with proven just before she left at least 2 guys. Did I get hurt sure! But do I want her life to be over or wrecked? Nope she will either do that by herself of she will change and get better. Can she come back to me heck no but I also don't wish her bad luck. Her son is currently also with me as she really can't take care of him. But I don't poison him toward her.

    • Lowering yourself to that level only hurts you and possible baby. Every time you look at the baby you will know and feel why you did it. And you will see him in the baby eventually maybe even resenting the baby no matter how good your intentions are now. Didn't you get hurt enough by him? Why hurting yourself even more? Move on and look for happyness he's not worth the hassle and energy. Save your energy for getting happy again.

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  • What did he do? You end up hurting more after doing something mean. Once I slept with an ex boyfriend’s best friend to get revenge. Hurt more than 3 people in the process and ruined a pretty good friendship. I was never the same.. don’t do it!!!

    • How would sleeping with someone else help? I want to do something that will do the most damage. A friend suggested having his baby & dissapearing and I'm considering it. He desrves to feel the same pain I felt.

    • Jesus! What did this guy do to you? Must of been pretty bad

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