He says he's seriously dating someone...so why would he want to be my FWB?

I approached him about a FWB arrangement and he said okay. I later learn that he is seriously dating someone. After I learn that I tell him I can't be FWB anymore cause I feel bad for the girl he's dating. But why would he want a FWB in the first place if he's dating someone else? By the way, he is my ex.


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  • well, if he wants to have sex with you,

    you're obviously doing something that he likes.

    does his currently girlfriend ad himself have sex?

    he's probably just

    attempting to fulfill both

    emotional and physical needs.

    you're the physical.

    i wouldn't continue to see him

    and I would actually tell his currently gf.

    he's cheating, and she does have a right to know.


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