Girlfriends stalker ex won't leave her alone, what can I do?

Ok so me and my girlfriend have been dating for about 3 months now and since I've started dating her she's mentioned stuff about her ex and how sometimes he sends her emails or texts or tries to call her. I don't know what was said in these things but she always tells me that it lowers her self esteem and usually ends up making her cry. Well most recently she told me how since she broke up with him 8 months ago, he's been following her around or waiting outside her classes to yell or what not at her. she says that's why usually where ever she goes she's usually with a guy friend or with me. So this really gets my blood going and I can't stand to see the people I care for have to go through something like this. just the thought of this immature guy reaming out my girlfriend for what happened in the past make me want to confront the guy. I've seen the guy once and I'm definitely bigger than him and have been boxing for few years but I don't know if that will stop anything. he lives in the city like I do and my girlfriend lives outside the city in a smaller town. And he even stalks her out there. So if I do anything to make it worse I'm not going to be close to her to protect her. so my question is what do I do? how can I stop this jerk? I rather not resort to violence its more of a self defense thing for me.any suggestions?


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  • I would encourage your girlfriend to consider a restraining order.

    • ya that's what I was thinking. it would probably save me from getting all worked up and wanting to go head hunting

    • Probably save you from going to jail for assault too haha

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