He lets me leave stuff at his place?

Okay, so my guy and I have been together for a couple months now, and I've stayed at his place a handful of times. I always bring my pillow, but this time, he had me leave my pillow. I was saying how I needed to grab it and he just said "aww" (he DOES only have one pillow though), and I told him, "well I can leave it if you want," and he told me I could if I wanted to, so I did.

I don't have much else there, we keep our lube there, and our baby wipes for cleanin up, and he will also move his car or have one of his roommates move their cars when he knows I'm comin over so I have a place up front to park in.

Im definitely happy with this arrangement, I'm just wondering how big of a step this is?


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  • It's really a big step in your relationship since it's clear that he's looking out with you for the long term.


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