Virgo problem help please?

I know it may seems stupid to ask something like this online but I wanted to try a change and maybe end up getting some good advice?

Basically, I recently met a guy at a bar on a night out with my girlfriends and he was with a few guys I know, one of which was a guy that used to date which I rejected due to him being a cheat

I can honestly say I've never ever felt such a strong connection before, it was something amazing. We got along so well and couldn't keep our eyes off each other. I added him on facebook that night and for a week now weve talked once or twice buts its only been me making conversation first (even though he would continue it)

But it turns out he's best friends with my overly protective cousin and the guy I used to date.

So one week after meeting him I was walking in the bar as him and his friends and my ex date were walking out. We started staring at each other and my ex date ran up to me and hugged me whilst trying to shrug him off, I turnt around to see that he was gone.

He's a virgo guy and I'm a gemini girl, and I know it's worth a try and I feel like he likes me too. But virgo guy's are extremely loyal to there friends? So I don't know what to do... It's not something I can leave because I feel like it's really meant to happen...
Virgo problem help please?
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