Is a "break" ever a good thing?

My boyfriend and I have been on and off for two years. We love each other very much, let me make that clear. But for two months, all we did was fight, NON STOP. It was like every little thing we did pissed the other off. It all happened after I drunkenly kiss a guy at a bad. I told my boyfriend and he never really forgave me, and I believe stopped trusting me.

We decided to break up, but after a few days, my boyfriend said he wanted it to be a break, not over forever. He said we needed to take time apart and have a little breathing room to think and decide if we could ever start fresh and work on the trust.

I know a lot of the time, guys take a break so they can hook up with other girls, but I know this was necessary, we NEEDED time apart. so why am I so upset? He said just last night, "Give it a little time girly, I love you."

So tell me, can a break ever really work?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Breaks are a real test, imagine if you both never new each other, and just first met when you decided to get back together would you both still be with one another would you both make the same decisions you did back then?... if the reasons for being together and staying together were because you both were drawn to something deep inside one another that doesn't change with a person over time then yes they totally can. Basically he wants a fresh slate, that's not a threat so long as the initial thing that both brought you both together and kept you together up until that point was something that's un-changable and at the core of the other person (basically if you have a deep acceptence of one another good and bad)

    • Wow, that made me feel so much better. thank you!

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  • In my opinion, sure. You were upset because it hurts you think think that someone who you deeply care about and you won't be spending much time together, that this does run some risk in it. But often times people just need a little time apart to realize how much they really enjoy time together. By being apart he has the opportunity to appreciate you more, and miss you when your not around. This could be a real blessing and in the mean time you have just as much freedom to learn more about yourself and enjoy life without the complications and the fighting.


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