Guys..Ex's what do they want?

The love of my life has just come back into my life... best approch...don't want to be pyscho girl! Advise guys...


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  • Oh, no! Not Psycho Girl!


    The trick is to be flirty, supportive, and inviting. Then let him show you how far he wants to go, and how much. Contact should be limited to responding to him, or initiating text/email no more than once per day, and less frequently if not getting a meaningful response.

    With guys, it's all about feeling safe and comfy -- we want lots of positive feedback about how you enjoy our company, and like us...and how you feel. We aren't good at reciprocating that, but if you want to keep us, and make this long term, you need to show a lot of support and encouragement. Conversely, don't send a "wink" or meaningless drivel. We like you, but we aren't stupid, and banal comments won't get you far.

    Even if he is the love of your life, he has to SHOW you he wants to be in a relationship, or all you are doing is fooling yourself and making more out of something than is there. How can you tell? Per first paragraph above -- send out flirty feelers, and keep the lines of communication open. He'll either respond, or not. And that is most telling. Doing this is not psycho. Stalking...texting several times a day without response or invite, constantly emailing...psycho!



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