What should I do about us should I try?

Should I talk to me ex and asked him to come back because its been 3 months he hasn't changed his address the longest we haven't talked was about 11 days he told me about a week ago I'm more intersting to talk to then work on his work scedule. He usually text me on sundays to come get mail. should I talk to him when he comes over about us because to me it sounds like he still wants somthing to do with me I love him and do wana b with him so should I say somthin to him thanks


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  • i think yu should, something in him should want to be with you if yu guys kept contact and haven't lost it for longer than 11 days. I'm in a similar situation with my ex. its been 3 months and the longest we went without talking was like 2 days max! do yu think she'll take me back if I ask her?

  • Talk to him, why not? Just don't look so worried about the outcome.

    • should I ask if he wants to b with me

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    • ok I say listen here you broke up with me why do you still contact me why do you still get mail here why do you want somthin to do with me

    • I don't think that's a good idea. Next time he texts you on Sunday, don't text him back. Wait for him to text you a couple of times after that before answering him. And just tell him that you were busy.

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