How can you tell when someone liked you and then stopped likng you?

wat signs do they give off wen someone use to like you but not anymore because I think this guy stopped liking me :( wen you stop liking someone how do you act toward them


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  • It varies from person to person, butyou might notice the person no longer finds a reason to touch you(breaking the touch barrier like on the arm etc while talking). No longer stares at you for an extended period of longer really looks at youas often as maybe before. He may start to turn his back towards you, because at times when someone is interested,they will try their best to not turn their back to you.They will consciously or subconsciously make sure their body is sort of facing yours when you are in their vicinity. And of course...maybe no more verbal flirting...

    • ok thnx and I found out the guy I was talking about didn't like me but I moved on a long time ago ha ha sux for him :p

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