If he would cheat on her does it mean he would cheat on me ?

he has a horrible girlfriend - he's black & she's hispanic.

she seems trashy ! I go to ALL of his basketball games & only

saw here at one , & she was with another guy the whole time she was there , and on top of that she left early , smh .

he already planned to chill & do other things with me , & we even plam on being together but I don't wanna get played :/

smh , just found out this girl playing him with my [ fake ] brother .

should I tell the guy ?


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  • Q: If he would cheat on her does it mean he would cheat on me ?

    A: Yes although it's not guaranteed but if he did it to get with you he's obviously not above cheating.

    I don't like judging people but I especially wouldn't judge if I don't know her personally. She could easily be one of the types that takes relationships with a light approach or she could easily think that the relationship isn't "true love" so she doesn't need to be devoted and likes having space and keep having her own life.

    If you feel you must be in a relationship with this dude approach with caution but don't be surprised if you wind up being done dirty too. Especially being so young.


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  • RUN FAR AWAY! Seriously, if he cheated on her then he will do it to the next girl. I dated a serial cheater and they tend to never change. Spare your heart unnecessary pain and disappointment.

    Regardless if his present girlfriend is not a prize, he always has the choice to break up with her and move on. He chooses to get what he can from different girls and not an eye.

  • the only thing he's going to do is hang out with you a few times get what he can, and then make up some reason why he can't leave his girlfriend..he'll most likely use the "i don't wanna hurt her" line..when in fact he was never planning on leaving her in the first place..

    then you'll be left there with egg on your face...

    btw I don't know why you HAD to mention what race she is, its kinda rude, you seem really jealous of her...i bet she's not trashy at all

    • actually she is ; I foundd out she's playinn him with my brother today .

      my judgements are always right & honestly I can mention w/e I please.

      i never get jealous - I get even , thanks for the advoce doe I guess [ :

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    • since you both are doing her dirty...and you say that he's hanging out or planning to hang out with you and making bs plans about making you his girlfriend..so what makes what he's doing any better than what you "found" out she did?...and why would you want someone like that?..and you're right you can mention what you please and I can also call it what I want...you should sit back and realize in the end she's not the only one getting played...

    • Naa , never thaat .

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