I don't understand this?

Me and my ex have been broke up for a while now and I just got back in contact with her like in September I text her sometimes necause I still love her and like her alot, but any way I went to my old high school I graduated from basket ball game with some friends and I seen her there and she kept standing up and turning around and stuff and looking up around like why she doing that and not looking at the game, well I'm not trying to look and notice her because she said she wanted to move on 4 day's before this game, so I'm at this game watching it but for some reason my friends are looking at her I guess just to keep hype up or something but then they say Jon yo Ex was staring at you for a long time and then she rolled my eye's and I said why she do that? she said she wanted to move on in a harsh way where I wouldn't want to acknowledge her presence but they kept telling me to text her after the game so I did and I texted her: my friends said you were looking at me and she said no I wasn't I was looking at my boyfriend and I didn't understand because no body else was sitting by us but my best friend and his girlfirend who also said she was lookin at me but my ex denied it...why she denying it if so many people seen her it's like duh we at a game with a crowd so I don't understand did she not mean to say that she wanna move on and that she has a boyfriend like why would she look at me waiting for me to look at her?


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  • If she was looking at you and she said she didn't, it probably means that she doesn't want anything from you. When your ex girlfriend/boyfriend is in the same room, its hard not to look. But if she wanted you back she would have been different when you texted her. You should move on otherwise she will make a fool outta you.

    • Yea that's true but I wasn't staring or looking at her trying to get her attention, but maybe she had to look at me since she haven't seen me in me in a long time well in 3

    • Even if you weren't staring or anything. I know this because of my ex boyfriend. If I am anywhere near him, I can't help myself but look at him again and again and again, because of those old memories, and how he looks so good that day or whatever. No matter how many times I look, there's no way in hell I would want him back because he is a dirty CHEATER and I would never.

      Sorry ha ha rant. But just trying to explain why she was looking.

    • Oh yea I understand what you mean I didm't cheat though but it was a girl involved and plus she said she had a grudge on me for taking breaks but I think we needed them...

  • She couldve been looking at you for any number of reasons, to see if you were coping or if her leaving you had left you a mess. If she broke up with you in such a harsh way, Id say forget about her and move on.

    • It wasn't harsh really but let's say me and her broke up and after we broke up she came by my house and she was touching me to get me in the mood, and she made love to me then 4 day's later going out to eat with another guy, and I been stuck with feelings and flashbacks of the day we last was with each other

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