First convo since breakup with ex? What to say?

What do you say to a guy you got dumped by 1.5 months ago? It was a clean, easy, friendly break because of his own issues and not being to give me the relationship I wanted. We had a great relationship... it only lasted for a few months but it was the best both of us had had. We both admitted to falling in love and thinking this could be it. We tried to stay friends after but it was too hard for me and he got mad at me and doesn't talk anymore. Last I heard from him was a Thanksgiving text.

My question is, how to initiate contact with this guy to possibly open the lines of communication again? And how do I do it? Text/call/email? He's never ignored me and is always nice so I'm sure I'll get a response but don't want one of those dead end convos or to freak him out. Just trying to test the waters without putting myself too much out there.

Guys, what would you want to hear from your ex that you wanted to keep in your life but it just wasn't the right time? What's a nonthreatening way to show him I'm still interested.


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  • Keep it at a platonic friendship don't bring in emotions.


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