Boyfriends 2 year mark of an Ex-Fiances death

So tomorrow(december 12th) is my boyfriends 2 year mark since his ex girlfriend/ fiance died in a car wreck, and I want to try and be there for him and help him out, cause he's helped me out dealing with my dad. So any suggestions or should I just wait and see if he comes to me for help


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  • Just see what happens. Plan a night in or something. Watch movies and just be there for him. I've never had to deal with anything this big but I think I would just want to be with the person I like/love to help me deal with that loss.

    • Yea like ivee tried calling and sending a text telling him I'm here for him and what not but I haven't heard from him since Friday which is when I was over and I was cryign cause of my dad

  • you sound like an AWESOME girlfriend! just let him lead.and be there for him in whatever capacity he might need you. sounds like you are up for being supportive so I think all will be well.

    • thanks. and I think part of it is cause I know where he's coming from, the losing someone you loved very much not just wiht my dad but I had that happen to an old boyfriend as well. but yea I'm just worried about him cause like I said on the last comment I haven't heard from him since Friday when he was going out to party and what not

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