Letting someone go for their own benefit?

After a loving 4 year relationship, she's finally off to the big city-meeting people, getting out/having fun, gaining new opportunities but she's still with me. She knows that she needs to say "i can't be with you anymore" but she's too emotionally attached to me - as am I to her. It sucks-were in love and I know her being with me is sacrificing her opportunities for success at school and ability to be the free spirit she is. Please give me your thoughts/ opinions because I need some help over here


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  • Firstly, she's very lucky to have you and it's fantastic that you are this understanding. I believe what you need to do is talk to her about this. Make sure she knows that you're being very serious about this and have really considered the options and thought about it. You may well have to let her go but let her know that you'll always be there for her, a phone call away if she needs to talk to you etc. Don't push her away but encourage her to tell you how she really feels and what would benefit her. If you believe it's what's best for her then yes, let go. It doesn't mean you can't keep in contact. X


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