Boyfriends cousin likes him?

Tell me if I'm crazy, so my boyfriend is 19. My boyfriends cousin is 30 years old. She lives w her mom, has never had a job and the only boyfriends she's had are aged from 19-21.

I haven't been able to spend much time w my boyfriend bc I've been in school. I am on summer break and we've been hanging out quite a lot. Him and his cousin hang out a lot and before we started dating (we've been together for 10 months), they hung out a lot.

Every since I've been seeing him a lot she throws a complete tantrum. Like full on little kid tantrum. She sends big long texts messages to him on Snapchat and says that they shouldn't hangout anymore bc he doesn't pay enough attention to her. He avoids telling her when he sees me now due to the fact she gets very upset. Once he told me I couldn't hangout w him bc he needed to see his cousin and have "one on one quality time together". She clearly doesn't like me. He won't admit to it but just the fact that he can't hangout w me and her together it just concerns me.
Is it not odd that a 30 years old woman is obsessive over her 19 yr old cousin? It's gotten to the point where he's basically said he has to cut down on spending time w me to make sure she doesn't get too jealous. I've addressed this before and he sees nothing wrong w this situation. It just seems like there's more going on. Either she's just completely obsessed or I'm in the wrong and I sound crazy lmao. Like? Am I wrong? should I break up w him? I really want to know.


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  • It sounds like that chick needs to grow the f**k up.
    And you need to stop being so passive agressive.
    Meaning, speak up and demand he listens and takes what you're feeling into consideration. Tell him to realise how negatively she is effecting both of your's relationship.
    And if he still doesn't understand or things don't change, move on. Best decision too do after that point.

    • Believe me, I went totally off on him bc when I get mad I hold shit in and then I can't help what comes outta my mouth haha

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  • Sounds like your boyfriend is banging his cousin.

  • There's definitely something going on. Move on.

  • family comes first.

    • Yes ik that. But in general it's just odd to me that a 30 yr old throws fits when her cousin hangs out w his girlfriend

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