What are signs that you should end your relationship?

What feelings, or lack of, does one experience that tell you when you should end it.


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  • So, you want signs that can indicate you to end your relationship. There are a lot but I will share some of very important indicators. So without any further talk, let's see them

    1. Too much abusive talks. Or using hands. Having a long fight etc.

    2. Too much availability or too much distance. One comes into relationship so that's a duty to give priority to our partner but not even too much priority that the other person isn't doing anything.

    3. Being attracted almost always toward some other girls. If your partner doesn't talk the same way he talks with new girls or You know some hot girls.

    4. Not getting that spark. I would say that the spark ends when people get too close but if it ended too soon, you maybe have dated a wrong guy.

    5. If your partner is being manipulative. Cuz sooner or later, he will manipulate you into thinking that he isn't cheating.

    6. Your partner is too angry minded or insecure. Anger and insecurity of an individual in a relationship can ruin the relationship. So it's a big red flag.

    7. not behaving the same way or even half of it after some time. You should then understand that what he showed was fake side.

    There are couple more but I forgot them.

    Anyway, if you want them, please reply. I hope you will get something from it

  • Not caring about each other's welfare, communications breakdown. Most relationships will go through periods of peaks and valleys. Get through the valleys so you can enjoy the peaks.


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