Is this a good sign that she is getting close to wanting me back?

So, my ex broke it off 2 months ago. We have been in contact. We were together 10 years. She is/was seeing someone else.

She was upset the night before because the guy she was seeing and a bunch of her friends had plans to hang out but they ditched. She sent me a bunch of texts all night asking how I was and stuff, the first time she contacted me that warmly.

A mutual friend was in town and we went for lunch the next day with her and another guy. After lunch I went to her place and had a coffee. I slowly sat closer next to her, then rubbed her leg, then her back, then I sat directly behind her and rubbed and cuddled her she didn't stop me and seemed to enjoy it. All of a sudden she asked me to stop. We talked for another little bit then I left.

Is this a good sign that she is getting close to wanting me back? How should I proceed?


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  • I'm going to go with no. Ten years is a long time. She's comfortable with you without a doubt. She probably got caught in the moment, almost forgetting that whole "break up thing" and then BAM! She remember, hence the "STOP". Sorry to say it but she made a mistake. She broke up with you which means she's more over it then you are, especially if she's already seeing someone.

    If she wanted you back, she'd tell you. It looks like you are putting out all the signs that getting back together would be A-okay with you.

    As for how to proceed? In the words of Jay-Z, on to the next one!

    • sucky. Thanks.

    • If she is still that comfortable with me and can have a lapse, isn't that a sign that a part of her would like to be with me?

    • Yes and no. I'm sure she likes that comfortability but the bigger part of her still isn't saying yes it's saying no, well "STOP" to be exact. She slipped up but then she came to. I know it hurts to get that glimpse of things going the way you want and then a second later it's gone.

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