Cheated on ex before she was pregnant?

I know I f**ked up my ex is 6 months pregnant an 2 months in our relationship I cheated didn't know she was the one till a little bit after I did what I did but 10 months I was faithful an she says that she hates me doesn't want anything to do with me an can take care of herself an the baby an she been saying she's hanging with friends an said her ex was there I'm worried she might sleep with some1 else I don't want anything to happen to her or the baby I told her I love her an she's the one but it's been 3 weeks now and I need to know if she would do that to me an if she'll come back I miss her an the baby


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  • I don't think that she would sleep with someone else. ESPECIALLY if she is young and they know she has a kid. Because she is hanging with her friends expect them to be talking crap about you. You might want to convince some of them, if you are close to them, that you really feel genuinely awful about cheating on her. You have to let her know that her child is your child too and that you should have certain rights to be able to see the kid and know that she is OK. I mean, you care about her well-being and more important the child's well being. Tell her that you want to be a part of the kid's life and you are going to do something about it if you aren't. If anything tell her that you are willing just to be friends if that is what it takes to be in the kid's life. I mean, that child is her life right now, so seeing that you want to be a part of that will make you look good, you know? And if you take that responsibility maybe she'll see that you aren't so bad and want to get back with you.

    • There's no way were getting back together she keeps trying to hurt by texting f**k you an I hate you I told her fine I'll move on an I will miss her but her mom even thinks there not a chance for me I'm so heart broken

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