What are your thoughts on cheating?

My girlfriend recently told me that she had cheated on. She explained everything to me she said it was a mistake and it was at a bachlorette party and she doesn't remember everything and I believe her , she says she really loves me and didn't mean for anything to happen...have taken steps to try and put things right...begging for you to take them back...what do you do?

My thoughts are that there is a possibility this could happen again if I gave in and took her back. We're currently on time out so I can get my head round it all but to be honest I'm ready for throwing in the towel. Help!


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  • I find the main reasons women have for cheating are very self centered. It's a commitment issue really. Its a sign that the person is not willing to be loyal and save themselves for you. Unless of course your in a relationship where you just don't give a f*** and that's a different story on its own. Once you cheat in a relationship, you really break the trust you have between each other. For you however, I'm assuming your a lesbian? So perhaps she was in need of a man subliminally and she caved due to alcohol usage. I'm just saying.


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  • Absolutely there is a possibility of it happening again. Haven't you heard the cliche, "once a cheater, always a cheater?"

    You have to think long and hard if you can ever forgive her. Once trust is betrayed, it is very rarely restored. Now you'll always be wondering in the back of you head...and that is not healthy for a relationship.

    In my mind, cheating is quite possibly the 2nd worst thing you could do to somebody you love/care about. (2nd to murdering somebody...that has to be first.)


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  • I have a no tolerance policy on cheating because if you give in and forgive them, they will have gotten away with it and probably do it again. Plus, you will never be able to trust them again... even if it was just a drunken slip up, you will be paranoid every time they go out drinking.


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