Difference between SEEING SOMEONE and DATING?

What are the differences or similarities between seeing someone and dating someone?


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  • I think when you are seeing someone you are just friends who want to be more. When you are dating then you are probably more of the type to be trying to get into a relationship.

    Seeing someone means you go out and stuff but no one has said "I like you" or anything like that. Dating someone means you both have told each other "I like you" and then you want to see if there can be a possibility of a relationship.

    I dated a bunch of guys that we thought we liked each other. I was seeing some other guys... see what I mean?

    well, maybe different people have different definitions though. You should look it up in urban dictionary . com


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  • I's say the two are interchangeable in practical terms.

    Seeing someone does not define the type of time spent together.

    Whereas dating someone implies that at least some of the time spent together is on a date (out to the movies, dinner, etc), and not just hanging out at each others' apartments. Aka "he and I are currently going out."

    Seeing/dating someone does not define exclusivity. However, boyfriend/girfriend label does.

  • I think "seeing" just means that you're interested in that person and you hang with them a lot and have kissed them and you're contemplating on maybe being exclusive

    "dating" means that you're probably exclusive and you like the person

  • seeing someone sounds more casual, like you could be seeing more than on person

    while dating seems more formal, that you're more serious about the person you're dating

  • Good question, I'd guess that if you were seeing someone it would be a little more serious then dating.

    • your right, its a good question. however I would have thought it was the other way around

    • I guess it depends on where you are from.

      I'm from Africa, if someone says they are "seeing someone" it means you are almost exclusive with one person.

      Dating in this sense means you are seeing numerous people and testing the waters :)

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