Am I expecting too much from him?

I have been dating my current boyfriend about a month this coming Wednesday. Things are going great and everything, but a few things bug me about him. Sometimes he'll go practically a whole day without texting me or calling me, he doesn't always text me or tell me good morning, and sometimes he doesn't even text me and tell me goodnight. It really bothers me. And he said the other day that he wishes that I would text him more and not leave all the decisions up to him on what we do and everything. But honestly, I think as the guy a guy SHOULD text or call his girl first, and practically initiate everything. Because if he doesn't, it makes me feel like he doesn't really care. And sometimes he teases me or tells me that I'm being too emotional. This frustrates me. My ex boyfriends always complimented me, and told me how beautiful and sweet I was multiple times a day. He doesn't do this.

Granted he shows affection and tells me how much he cares about me, but not as much as they did. And he doesn't always wanna hang out with me. We spent the whole weekend together and yesterday he asked me to go home because he had to study, and I felt like he was kicking me out. Am I expecting too much from him? I thought that's what relationships were about.
Am I expecting too much from him?
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