Did I do the right thing? PLEASE HELP

OK today I was walking to my 6th period. (am a senior) Then this guy that knows my ex and I asked me if we were still together I tell him no. He then tells me his new girl is ugly I tell him no that she's pretty but he says no so just told him as long as my ex is happy. So then I go into my 6th period and this my friend also asks me the same thing and then says she's ugly too and all I said was that no she was pretty and so long as he's happy.

So my question is did I do the right thing.? Also two of his friends are in my 6th I don't wanna seem like the ex that hasn't gotten over him even I haven't. :// also took it with a smile


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  • You said the right thing. It doesn't make you look like the ex that can't get over him or the jealous one, it just simply makes you look like the bigger/more mature person in the situation.

  • i don't think you said anything wrong. you were just mature about it:)


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