Is there any point or should I move on?

I'm been talking to this guy recently and we went out a few times. But I can't read him at all. My gut and his actions are telling me that he's a jerk, but then he has his sweet moments and those are what keeps me waiting around and hoping.

But everything seems to be on his terms and not mine. When we go out, when we talk, etc...I fit my schedule to include him, while he squeezes me in when there's nothing better going on.

But I love talking to him and I love spending time with him. But he's so inconsistent and i"m definitely not his priority.

I should move on right? Find someone who actually wants me instead of someone who wants me when nothing else is going on?

But it's so hard to do... :(


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  • I'm a bit late, but ehhh

    Move on. Find someone who invests the same amount as effort as you or else it won't work in the long run. He's not worth your time since you're trying so hard. Right now you're meeting him at his part of the yard, when the right person is one you meet halfway between yours' and his. I'm not even sure if that made sense.. but you get it: ditch him.


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  • move on he is a jerk


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  • Hey sweety, I tend to fall for the same kinda guys, trust me, he will never change! Guys like this are self centered, they are use to woman letting him treat them like this.. He is probably talking to other girls too. If I were you I would cut him loose and move on, because he isn't worth the hurt that he will cause later! Hope this helped!


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