No contact was good, however...

I haven't contacted my ex in a week and when we did she said that there is a part on her that she was right in breaking up and a part that says the other way around.

However I was made to believe that what she is saying to me was that when she gets to realize that she made a wrong decision in leaving me she wants to be with me again.

Later she said she just said those words so that we could be friends and that she wants to be with me not as a boyfriend but a friend and told me that I misinterpreted what she said and that she is not returning to me. So I told here right here on we need to end this and she agreed. We are no longer in contact.

I feel so used that I told her that's BS.

Do girls really change their mind a lot?

How can I tell which is the truth?

She has got a boyfriend now and did I really misinterpret her message?

She also said that if ever she fails and get hurt I won't be there to see her yet for her I am there.

Is this some kind of cryptic message that she will get hurt?

Need friends and chatmates to ease this BS feeling like I'm used.


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  • Here is what's going on, she is saying all the crap to you because she wants you to be there waiting for her in case things don't work out for her with the new boyfriend. She is just stringing you along and you need to get out of that situation. Keep up the no contact and if she contacts you, ignore ignore ignore!

    I have been in the same situation and all the crap they go on about being friends and what not is not going to help you at all... its only going to prevent you from moving on.

    • Thanks thanks for the comment

  • OK well first yes we change our minds a lot when it comes to relationships. The reason for that is simple and most guys know the answer already. We are full of emotion and most of the time those emotions are mixed. When we think of the nice times we hurt and think we made a mistake. When we think of the bad times or of the break up we get mad and hurt at the same time... or just mad depending on the situation so then we think we did not make a mistake.

    If she has a new guy now then I think it wasn't you misinterpreted her message as much as it was how she felt that minute.

    I also think that she said the hurt thing to try and get you to stay friends with her.

    Sorry you are going through this.

    Good luck.

    • yeah she has this new guy but it was actually after we broke up that they became a couple

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