Is this wrong? Should I stop?

OK so here is the deal... I'm talking to this guy (he lives out of town) and we made a promise to not be intimate with other people... we've been talking for a good minute... but we are not together... which I'm OK with.. however I'm being pursued by other guys... I'm getting to know them too and thinking about hanging out with them... innocently.. is this cheating? Should I continue to be friends with these other guys? They ask me if I'm in a relationship.. I'm not... but I don't mention that I'm talking to anyone either... if you were the other guy (out of town) would you be upset? Bothered? When he comes into town.. we don't go out or anything we kind of just spend time alone together.. which again I'm good with because its just us and we couldn't get that if we were out... yet he goes out with his other friends...

i don't know if his friends are interested in him... I haven't met any of them... just saying that we don't go out together... like at all. why we made that promise... I don't know to be honest..


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  • So you made a promise not to be intimate with other people even though you're not intimate together either, and make no effort to be. So you basically made a promise not to be intimate at all with anyone ever for no reason. What? Just tell him you want to call it off. What's the point of having it, especially if it limits you. If you want him, then you should be with him properly and DO see him when he comes. If you don't want to be together, then don't limit yourself to no intimacy. It seems completely silly and pointless and a shame to be in that situation.

    • na you see that's just it we are being intimate... but I did ask him if it were just him and I and if we were "allowed" to talk to other people he said we we not allowed to date... lol even more confused because if we are not together then what does it matter? I mean I understand the not sleeping with other people... but? meh... I guess I got my answer.

  • Yet he goes out with his other friends? Are these friends interested in him? I'm not sure what you are trying to say at the end. The promise you made was not to be intimate with anyone else. If your going to hang out with these other guys,and NOT get intimate, than you haven't broken any promises. The only time this situation is going to be wrong is when you start to stringing a persons feelings along.

    Why did you make a promise not to be intimate with others if you are not together? Are you sure that he doesn't see it that way? I'm thinking he sees you as his girlfriend, why else would he have you make a promise like that?

    • It would make things a little easier if you pressed the comment button lol. Come on have your age listed as 25 - 29 years REALLY don't know why you made that promise?

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    • oops * I really did NOT read anything...

    • yea that's what I was insinuating...Thanks. I like him and would rather him not be a "buddy" hence I feel like by talking to the "other" guys I'm cheating... which is crazy because we are not an item.. maybe I need to man up and just talk to him about it so I know if its "allowed" <-- for lack of a better word.

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