What do you consider cheating?

As the question says ^ what would you consider cheating? For example, if your significant other kisses someone that isn't you, sleeps with someone else, etc, etc. Explain what you consider cheating. :]


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  • Basically anything a person who's slightly homophobic wouldn't do with someone of their gender is cheating. If there's some sentiment of "yeah it's gay to do it to someone of the same sex, but okay if they're the opposite gender" then it means there's romantic or sexual undertones, and I consider cheating to be doing anything romantic or sexual with someone other than your SO.


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  • Cheating in a relationship is anything of physical nature when the relationship is a closed one of course. Starts at kissing and ends at sex. So there you have it.

    Dancing, talking or flirting is not cheating in my opinion.

  • id say from holding hands on up to sleeping around with people other than your mate is cheating

  • Flirting- it depends. If she's a flirty person and does it without realizing it, then I would probably know this before I got into a relationship with her. But if she was flirting because she was no longer interested in me and was seeking attention outside of the relationship, then I'd be hurt and think that she crossed the line. If she gets physical with someone else or basically does something with another guy that she would usually do in a relationship with me, then it's cheating. You have a boyfriend for romantic reasons. If you seek romance outside of the relationship, then what else is it?


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  • Well, I'm in an open relationship, so to me, cheating would be if my partner had sex with someone behind my back (kept it secret/didn't tell me about it). I would also see it as cheating if he had sex with someone who he agreed he wouldn't (i.e. if I didn't feel comfortable with him having sex with a particular person and he agreed not to, but did it anyway).

    I would see it as emotional cheating if his involvement with someone else led him to neglect me or our relationship.

  • Cheating in my opinion is becoming physically intimate with another person and engaging in such acts that you would not be comfortable telling me you engaged in if we were partners.



    -Vaginal,oral,anal,manual sex



    -Holding hands


    -Flirting(that does not include physical flirting)


    If my dude were to go to a strip club and get a lap dance I wouldn't mind so long as it wasn't by himself and he didn't hide it from me.

    • I like your points, girl. :] Just out of curiousity, under which of your categories would you place hugging?

    • Depends. If it is cuddling then inappropriate, if a greet/goodbye hug, then whatever

  • there's physical cheating and emotional cheating. both are bad and can be something that would break the relationship.

    i would break up with a guy no questions asked if he had sex with someone. for the rest I would probably have to look at the situation.


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