Is he going to break up with his girlfriend for me?

I am a Freshmen and met this boy who's a Junior at the beginning of the year. He asked around and got my name and started messaging me on Facebook and staring at me constantly. He'd been with his girlfriend for 2 years, but broke up with her a few weeks after meeting me. We texted for hours every day for a few weeks with him asking me to go to his football games and finally asking me to hang out. A few days after he asked to hang out with him he all of the sudden got back with his ex.

We stopped all contact after he got back with his ex for a couple of weeks until someone told him that he was blind and that I liked him too. When he found that out he started texting me again like crazy asking me if it was true and telling me how much he liked me and saying how he hates himself for going back with his girlfriend because he could have been dating me the whole time. That lasted only 2 days and then he quit texting me again.

A week after he quit texting again I sent him a Facebook message telling him I though he had played me and he replied back that he didn't and he seemed hurt I'd think so. We messaged a few times after that, but not much and nothing again for a few days.

Ever since he found out I like him too he's been staring even more than he use to, smiling at me alot, doing things in class until I look at him and walking by my desk multiple times a day and making a point of rubbing his leg on mine as he walks by, even if my legs are totally under my desk. He even waited for me to get out of class one day and walked with me until we got to where we had to part to go to our lockers. His girlfriend is really jealous of him speaking to any girls so this was a really a surprise, although he never actually talked to me.

We really like each other and he broke up with his girlfriend once already to get to know me better so why is he still with her now that he knows I like him back? Do you think he'll break up with her for me?

Don't worry, I have no intention of persuing him, I barely even look at him. It's all up to him at this point and he knows it.


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  • You do not need to pursue anything with him until he breaks up with her and has not talked to her for awhile. Yea, he broke up with her once already but he also got back together with her once already too. I think that once he found out you liked him too, it made him excited to be wanted and get attention from another girl. Also, if he would break up with his girlfriend for you, he would do the same thing to you if he was your girlfriend so I'd be careful.


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