Meeting ex for lunch?

So we split a month ago. He broke things off. Haven't really stopped contact (neither of us). I've been quite emotional. Being Xmas and all, and as I was struggling with texting I suggested meeting for lunch. He seemed keen so we are meeting next monday. I'm going to not contact him now until then to try and ease situation and I've told him not to contact me as I need space. I seem to feel at ease about seeing him in person and felt it may help as it ended suddenly after text argument and I have just been finding it all hard to let go of. Is this sensible?

We split after 6 months as he couldn't take the relationship to the next level. A lot of my friends don't really understand why he is still in contact and feel he maybe messing with my head I thought he may just want to be friends.


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  • you are exactly me 3 weeks ago. Be careful as I may have f***ed things up by meeting her. she wanted to meet me now doesn't text me back now I feel like my hearts been yanked out again. When will the f***ing torture stop!?

    • what happened when you met? was anything said in terms of the past? Sorry to hear its so tough

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    • but I couldn't knowing she is with someone else. When I went home I just felt empty and desperate to just talk to her again. I also don't think its fair on her boyfriend for her to meet up with other guys. But really if she said she wants me back then I would say yes in a flash. Yesterday I texted her to tell her to stop ignoring me and to be fair. I told her I care but still no reply and now I feel guilty and awful.

    • Thankyou! I really hope this doesn't happen to you. Good luck! Hugs

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