What does my Ex actually want? mixed signals and still in love...

My boyfriend and I dated for a little over a year and broke up 2 months ago. We were both head over heels in love and everything was fantastic. He always told me how much I meant to him, met all his fam and he even brought up marriage & kids. We had a romantic overseas trip planned and all our friends and fam thought we were good as gold that added a lot of pressure. Just when I thought things were going great with us and I'd also been accepted to my study (same as he wants), he suddenly dumped me giving no reason jus that he don't love me no more but wanted to remain friends. He refused to talk to me and cut all contact and was really mean to me mentioning other girls when we spoke. Then few weeks later jus as I was ready to call all quits and phoned him one final time, he wanted to talk and said he'd needed breathing space and was happy to hear from me. Since then, we have caught up a few times jus as friends (no sex or touching) and he keeps mentioning how good it's to hear from me and offers his help in everything and seems curious (I've had guys ask me on dates), yet I've heard from mutual friends his on the lookout for a new chick big time, WTF. What does he want? Can anyone tell me? I still love him but duno what game his playing? Is he still into me, does he want me bak or am I a fool? I still love him but don't wana be wasting my time.


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  • i am is pretty much the exact same boat as you right now, my ex and I were together for a little over 3 years, perfect with each other, talked about moving in together soon, talked about a family one day just like you and your man, then just likeyou out of the blue he dunps me too. he said the same reason as yours, he said that he loved me, but not like he used to, asked if we could still be friends. after the break up me and him didn't have any contact for 3 months, then he contacts me, we now have been hanging for the last 2 months as "friends" and he treats like his girlfriends (minus the kissing, touching ect too) its so super confusing (sorry for getting into my story) but anywayssss, I can understand exactly what you are going through, and here are my thoughts on this, our exes f'd up bigg time, they spent there time alone, they probably enjoyed it for the first while, but now they are realizing the mistake they made. they are coming back to us but they don't want to make it seem like they still care about us because that would mean that they were wrong, and we all know how men hate to admit there wroong.. so what do they go and do, instead of admitting there faults, or telling us that they miss us or still care, they go "trying" to have fun, meet other girls and make it seem like they are still okay with the wrong decision for dumping us. they want there cake and to eat it to, they want to hangout with us, maybe slightly flirt, but then at the same time they are so stand offish to us. ahhhh so confusing, so here's the advice that I will tell you, an dthe adice I tell myself right now. I think we should continue to hangout with the ex, have a good time, try to pay no mind about them seeing other girls or watever, and see how things go, if after sometime we feel like they are starting to like/love us again, I think we need to make the move to make it happen, so I wish you good luck and I hope that I helped a little.

  • If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you. And if people are saying he's on the lookout for a new girl, then chances are he is just keeping you around in case he doesn't find one. I know its hard, but you should just move on... cause even if he does come crawling back, do you really want to be with someone who would put you through that?


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