She blocked me, unblocked me, then re blocked me?

me and my ex broke up in september after dating for about 18 months, I caught her cheating so as revenge I got her back by telling her mum how I used 2 sneak in while they were asleep 2 see her.. anyways since then we have been on and off since sleeping together and fighting and pushing each other away..

3 weeks ago we tried again except this time I started a fight and she had enough of it and then decided she doesn't want me in her life..

so last Thursday I said ill leave her life forever and she said sorry for what she had done and goodbye.. its now been 6 days since, but on the Friday she blocked me on facebook.. then on the Monday she unblocked me then made her facebook public, so I blocked her, then she made her facebook private, I unblocked her the next day then she made her profile public so I went and made my profile private then she made hers private and then finally I made mine public again

and I changed my facebook status to in a relationship and now she has re blocked me.. I don't get what she had been trying to do? on the Friday last week I sent her an email saying I'm sorry and I wish I could have her back but I know she will never check her emails, but then she did and she replied with just ..., that's all and nothing since, didn't expect her 2 check it let alone reply, why would she bother replying with ...? I want to contact her but I know its too soon, this is the longest I've gone without speaking 2 her in 2 years..


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  • It sounds like you both just can't control your feelings and keep trying to upset the other by blocking then you regret it and unblock, back and forth, back and forth. You need to stop doing this and ignore it when she does. If you want to move on you'll need some space and these games are only making it worse.

  • hunni she is just playing games if she cared for you she wuldnt of cheated in the first place

    personally I would say hunnii leave this one alone... there's more fishies in the sea =p


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