What should I do when my ex agrees to meet me?

MY ex broke it off with me when his friends told him I lied to him about something 2 years ago! I don't know why they succeded in breaking us up...anyways, I didn't talk to him for 1 week and I just texted him asking him if he was OK, and he said he was and his parents wanted him to concentrate on his college degree. I said I needed closure and wanted to meet him and he said OK but also added there is no way the meeting means I am getting back with him and I know that, what should I do? I just love him so much and we spent 2 years together every single day :( should I wait?

he graduates in march 2012


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  • I wouldn't meet with him if I were you. Closure is not something your going to get by meeting with him because its something you need to find for yourself. Seeing him one last time is probably going to make things worse because your not going to get what you think you need. Tell him you need space to move on and she should respect that. Then cut contact with him.

    • the thing is, I don't want to move on...he's angry at me for the lie I told 2 years ago, and he says he loves me and he is happy being with me but it's just that he can't trust me and he cannot deal with this and his studies as well cos it's really draining...should I just give him time while he finishes his degree and wait? quite torn...

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    • no sex change or STIs, just meeting my ex for a quick lunch cos at that time, my ex called me begging I meet him, so I didn't tell my bf... but anyways, everything is just an excuse? even the wanting to concentrate on his studies? so should I or should I not wait?

    • Move on, all this concentrate on studies stuff is just something he's saying to make you think if you can get back together when he's done concentrating. Your on his hook, get off it and move on!

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