Am I just a crazy bitch?

I have been dating my boyfriend for going on 3 years. This past summer, before he left on a trip overseas, he made plans with a long time "friend" to cheat on me with her. However, this never came to fruition. (I have no idea why) When I talked to him about it he said he felt horrible, and knew he had wronged me. He begged me to stay and has not shown any signs of infidelity since. However, this old "friend" is coming back to town, and know that they will soon be seeing each other. Should I be concerned? Or just trust that nothing will happen? Please tell me if I have a right to be concerned...or if I'm just being a crazy bitch.


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  • Does he have to see her? If he was planning on cheating with her I would not be happy about him seeing her...

    • He doesn't "have" to. However, he feels obligated to because they had be childhood friends. She has a way of making him feel guilty when he turns her down to meet up.

    • If he loves you and wants to be with you then he does not need to see her, especially if he was planning on hooking up with her. Put your foot down and tell him you do not want him seeing her and if he can't accept that then he is not worth it. He should understand that. Good luck to you.

  • Oh and you are not a crazy bitch. I would be concerned too...


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