Ex sleeping over--okay or not?

So my boyfriend's ex is visiting him from out of town and staying at his place...for 2 nights in a row. He has admitted to her being a "hoe", and the fact that he finds her sexy. Although he has assured me that he does not feel any romantic feelings for her, and that I have nothing to worry about. He offered to let me hit the couch with him, but I thought that would be awkward, and if I need to babysit him that closely the relationship probably isn't working too well, right? Do you guys think I need to be worried? (Fyi this is not the most recent ex)


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  • An Ex sleeping over!?

    She had her chance!

    Beat It!

    Hit The Road!



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  • if I was you, I would be KINDA concerned :/

    i mean, if you trust your boyfriend 100%,

    then you shouldn't have a problem ..

    but if she's a hoe, then .. idk, I would be worried.

    & why is she staying with HIM?

    can't she stay somewhere else? its kinda fishhy.


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