Ex trying to get back in touch with me, want him back, what should I do?

My ex is trying hard to get my attention but I keep ignoring it. He asks how I'm doing to mutual friends, (I tell them just to say I'm fine), and now he started messaging me on facebook, saying hi. I really want him back, what should I do? Should I respond to his messages or let him wait a bit? I really don't want to screw this up!


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  • Kindly respond to him and ask him upfront why is he contcating you. If he wants you back he'll say it right then and there. Or he will say just to say hi, then tell him that you're not interested in being friends, it's all or nothing. Then see what he says. If he does not budge drop it and start making efforts towards moving on because he will mess with your head.


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  • How long you 2 been split up?!

    You've already been ignoring him so I think you let it slide now, just message him back but be cool with him... don't let him know you want him back but don't be so cold that he thinks your just straight up not interested anymore.

    • We have been split for a few of years now. We started dating at a really young age and were actually engaged when I was 19. We were really young and both of our families completely disapproved. Family members began spreading rumors about the both of us and my parents were really strict as well. We began arguing a lot so we kind of drifted apart. We never disagreed much before that, and had a great relationship. He was never abusive and none of us ever cheated.

  • speak to him like an adult. Stop playing games. Work through the problems that split you up if you want to try again. If you start playing games and messing with his head he'll get fed up, give up and move on.


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  • just make him wait a week or so, this will make him wonder even more and eating out the palm of your hand :) in my experience, if you leave them alone, and they love you, you will get them back...

    if he's meant to be yours, he will be yours


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