My ex girlfriend has been contacting me after 2 months of No Contact, WTF!

So me and my ex broke up back in May but were off and on for 5 months ultimately going to no contact after we had a fight about her still "being in love" with me but wanting to date other guys. Well two weeks into the no contact she found out that I was hooking up with this girl and she totally flipped out about and she did this in front of her now boyfriend, which I find really odd. So this brings me to my question. My ex started contacting me two weeks via yahoo messenger and I'm trying to figure out her motive. She has only done it twice but what makes it even more odd is that each times it has been around 1 am. The first time we talked she said "I'm glad you talked to me" and the second time I was kinda really short with her but she said "I just re-added messenger back to my phone and seen that you were on and I wanted to say hey." This is also odd because I was the only person that she talked to on messenger when we were together, and a side note, she's not on my messenger. So what does all of this mean? I'm pretty sure she is still with her dude. I don't know what to do and I do still love her and it would be nice if we did get back together.


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  • Igoner her, let her mind go crazy. if she wants to get back she will drop that dude and tell you she wants you back. Other than that tere isn't much you can do. Keep hooking up with that girl if that makes you feel better.

  • Most girls out there secretly wants to be the last girl that their ex is with. It was a blast to her ego knowing that you were with someone else, and being happy without her. The fact that she is with another guy but flipping out about you moving on shows how selfish she is. Never talk to her again and keep hooking up with other girls out there. She just wants you in her life somehow, but not with the intimacy as before. She wants to have her cake and eat it too, don't fall for that crap and don't be "friends" with her.


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