3 Weeks no contact now he wants to talk?

He left me 3 weeks ago and I went NC and now he is txting me begging me to talk to him, having his friends text me asking how I am. I've been ignoring him but I really want him back. I don't want him to think I'm just messing with him by ignoring him and get pissed and stop trying to contact me. What should I do? I texted his friend back quick but I don't want it to look like I'm just playing head-games with him by not talking to him but talking to his friends. If we talk I want him to show up on my door with flowers, but I feel like the bad guy by not talking to him even though I'm the one who got dumped! I'm so confused. He's feeling the void so I know NC is working but I just don't want him to get pissed, lose interest and move on. When do I break NC and what do I say to get him to come back? What do I do?


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  • When do you break this? When he shows up at the door with flowers.

    Mind games? How are you playing mind games? He leaves and then now wants to talk to you. I think he is playing the mind games with you.

    What should you do? Stop talking to his friends and completely cut him off. If asked why you behaved the way you did, What were you suppose to do? Hang on to false hope? Cry and beg him to re-consider?

    Honestly, I know what you are going through, you want him back yet you don't want to push him further away. But really that is the trick. The further you push him away, the bigger gesture he will have to make to get your attention. This is where you will know his feelings for you are real and he will have to take that step to get what he wants. If you make it easy for him to come back, it will be that easy for him to leave.

    Take a step back and evaluate if he is the right fit for you. Understand why the break up occurred and think to yourself, what can the both of you do to make it better?

    Good things come to those who wait so, wait it out. Like I said, the more space that is between you two the bigger his gestures will have to be. If you get nothing, you will know that he isn't willing to put the effort into it so why should you?

    Good luck, stay strong and you are doin really good so far. I'm proud of you.


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  • Hmmm it's kind of hard to say. While I do agree with what RealDeal said, I can understand that you might be afraid he will give up and you don't want to lose him. If he thinks you aren't interested in him anymore and don't want him around he might stop trying. So maybe start by answering but just giving short little answers without much enthusiasm. Don't be like 'oh my god its so good to hear from you!'. If he asks how you are just say something like "good. you?". That way you guys can start the line of communications but you aren't getting ahead of yourself. Good luck :)

    • The way I see it is, he doesn't want to let her go but has 2 much pride to & doesn't care enough 2 give her what she wants/needs. Going through his friends to reach out to her, is a immature way of going about it. I know I wouldn't appreciate it (this means they know everything about "our" situation). Only she & I know what happen between the both of us. It's our relationship 2 repair. But because he broke it, it's harder for him 2 come back 2 it, however, if he does, she'll know he's for real.

  • Talk to him now, don't make it seem like you're immature and playing games. It's really obvious to tell when someone is doing that

    but don't be enthusiastic when talking to him, keep in a bit cold and polite


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