What would you rather DO?


lets say you are in an relationship. You and your girlfriend/boyfriend have been together for 2 months you guys were getting along very well and love each other and wouldn't break up for anything or anyone. Your girlfriend/boyfriend mother don't like you and want you guys to break up! And all this family drama continues.

Would you rather break up with your girlfriend/boyfriend than to go through that drama and move on to someone new


would you still date him/her no matter what?


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  • I would still date her no matter what if nothing would break me up. I'd also talk to the mother since I'm already that close with her daughter.. Ask her why she doesn't like me and etc. If it's only the mom I'd go talk to dad to talk to her, and if the dad is not around I would go tell my parents to talk to her mom like adults.

    If all fails, then it's on the the next one, if all fails, but if we were that close and separated.. </3

    Love is love.. but they say if you really something you have to let it go. So there's option one for you, but my first intentions would be option two.

    That's just what I would do.

    • OMG! THANK YOU! I wish I could tell this to my ex. My mom just makes so much drama! Then he wanted to move on because it was too much.

    • That sucks. Well good luck with life any everything. - One Love

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  • You're in a relationship with that ONE person, not their mother. -_- Forget about everyone else. If you two truly care about each other you can make it work.

    Just be polite to your boyfriend's mom, at the very least. You don't have to like her.

    • Um, it's the other way around lol My mom didn't like my boyfriend!..well ex.. I totally agree with you! Man I wish I could tell him this. I guess High school relationship do sucks!

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