What is my ex boyfriend really thinking?

Hey everyone! me and my ex boyfriend have almost been broken up for 3 months. We're both 21 and we were together for almost 3 years. Our break up wasn't messy, it was actually very weird. We were having a great time and then he said his feelings for me had changed (you know the whole speech thing came). Throughout the breakup, I have not called him, but he has called me. He won't stop contact with me and actually shows me that he gets mad if I go out with my friends or don't answer his calls. But every time we talk about our relationship he just comes up with the same story, " I don't want to get back together, I left because I wasn't happy with the relationship." then he comes up with the whole "i want to be friends" speech. I keep telling him that friends don't make out or want anything physical like he wants. So about a week and a half ago, he said he needed his distance, so I said alright, and told him to stop contacting me because I don’t call him. Then about 5 days ago, he called me to tell me that he danced with some girl but that he didn’t want it to go over my head. I told him that he could do whatever he wants and that he doesn’t need to contact me to tell me. Then we started talking and he decided that we should take things slow, and that he was open to the idea of us getting back together again sometime in the future. What the hell does this all mean? I do want us to get back together because we were kind to each other. Even during the break up he's a;ways looked for me and has even taken me to the movies. A All I want to know is why he is acting this way. He was so sure of us not getting back together, and no he wants to take things slow and see how things end up. What does this all mean? I appreciate you guys taking the time on reading this and being blunt with me. <3
Oh, and one more thing... He doesn't contact me for a while but he'll send funny text messages to my sister or funny messages. Why is he doing that?


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  • He's trying to keep things as a friendship level with you


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