My boyfriend broke up with me after 1 year...I'm miserable...what do I do?

A week ago my boyfriend broke up with me. He said he still loves me and didn't want to break up with me. He said that he wanted to get straight with god first and figure out everything he wants to do in his life. He said he still wants to be friends. But I don't think I can do that. Our relationship was great...we never fought and we talked all the time. But now that he broke up with me I don't feel like doing anything.
Do you think he'll get back together with me or no? Or what?


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  • A woman needs 4 men at least in her life.

    1 the father of her child, often a man changes once his Girlfriend gets pregnant, because her love goes to the child instead of to him, and he gets pissed off and moves

    2 her sex partner, that must be the best f*ck in town, he does not bother her outside the sex part, comes when she calls and goes when she say so...

    3 her social partner To be seen with, to go to movies, theater, restaurants, social clubs, church etc. He does not have to sex her, let the people talk what they want,

    4 her mechanic, plumber, carpenter, whatever, handyman. You need this guy sooner rather than later,

    Love them all, and when you find a man who has all the 4 characteristics in one, you are just the luckiest girl around


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