Help ex-girlfriend moved to fast.

Me and my ex were together for 4.5 years old I'm 23 she's 24, we had met two months after her relationship with her ex ended of one year. I thought I was going to be the rebound but we actually fell deeply in love with each other..I would admit I became a bit predicable and boring but we always managed to laugh and have a good time on everything that we did. Well we broke up around two months ago due to her jealousy issues but a month prior to that she seemed more distant; and would always ask to go to the club which I never agreed to. So the last month we became more distant and distant and I knew what was coming but I didn't want to accept it; until she texted me that we need to talk and she made a big deal out of an old myspace. so I ended with her and then she text me that she didn't want to loose me that she loves me and misses me and I was in a bad mood and texted her that its to much for me and have a great life and if our paths in lifes cross then let it be. so we didn't talk for a week until I decided we should talk things out since it nothing big to break up over just her jealousy. well she say no that she loves me and misses me but she needs time.. I had a feeling their was a guy but she declined.. a week later I call and she says she loves me but it's not the same feeling and she's trying to forget me... a month later she tells me she met someone else that treats her better than me; and for me not to bother her at all. all within two months after break up.. then she sends me messages on facebook to take of a post I had put (saying the women that I loved for four years moved on) I refused to remove and asked just to simply not look at my facebook. She somehow things I cheated on her and then resorted to threatning me to watch my back; and we would never get back with her.. I don't get is I didn't bombared her with e-mails or calls just maybe on every two weeks... is she just doing this as a rebound or does she really hate me and I should just move on.


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  • It seems like both of you are getting conflicts over fairly petty manners. What do you mean by "we would never get back with her"? If it means that you guys can never be together again, then move on with life. Perhaps in this situation, it's best to leave it as it is, talk or explain only when necessary, don't expect anything from her, and focus on other more important things in your life. Perhaps have a good think on whether she's the sorta girl you really want to be with for the rest of your life. Although people change, but think about whether you are able to put up with the little outbreaks she have and making a big deal out of it. Feel free to type more if you would like to. I'll help if I can. Good luck x


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