Have you ever wanted to take it back?

So, it sometimes takes a few dates to get some action or honestly. Sometimes it only takes one.

Have you ever wanted to take a situation/session back because you thought it was too soon to take it that far? or just wasn't 100% sure of the situation?

What did you do? And how long did it take you before you took it to that step(being initmate or sharing to much information with them)?

I hope that makes sense. It does in my head...


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  • I know how you feel I mean you tell thing they would wanna know then you start talk to them for a good min then that when they start treat you like sh*t and you start that they are not like other girl but come to find out they are just the same don't worried it somebody out there for you it somebody out there for ant man or women with a broke heart stay strong man...

    • lol. I've had moments like that, just not recently. I'm not worried about myself. Just wondering if anyone could relate to the situation. For instance, some females act on things (sexually) and sometimes second guess it, you know? Just really asking how often that occurs.

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