Guys I need help: what did my ex mean by this?

I asked a similar question before but didn't really get an answer... what does a guy mean when he says he can't be with you 'right now'? My ex seems really confused about whether or not he wants to be with me right now and I don't think it's because he doesn't like me... I feel like there is a lot of other stuff he is struggling with so could that be it? That he needs time/space to figure things out? That's the only thing I can think of but it's just so frustrating for me because I want to be with him and I miss him :(. He did contact me once this weekend and said that what happened with us is tragic... so to me that means he thinks it's too bad it has happened this way? I need a guys opinion please!


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  • Q1) It literally means what he said, which is he can't be with you 'right now' because of certain reasons, although I don't think it's a bad one (but don't think too much into it).

    Q2) Yes, having too much stuff to handle is a reason for a break-up. In other words, the relationship won't work out between both of you given when he has at hand now. This happened to me and my ex very recently and I'm about your age too.

    What he purely means by "what happened with us is tragic" is "too bad our relationship didn't work out". It seems like your relationship doesn't work out between both of you FOR THE MOMENT. There maybe too many uncertainties, there maybe too much work for him, but overall, it's not the right time for both of you to have a relationship together, or even a relationship with anyone. He seems honest about this and just take his word for it but don't read too much into it anymore. Accept that both of your can't be together in a relationship for the moment, but stay as friends. Relationship is also about whether it's practical for both of you to stay together, and whether there's a future between both of you. Maybe he's in the middle of building a career. But whatever it is, with all these at hand, this is not the right time. I can't guarantee both of you will get together again in the future (just like me and my ex.), it may happen it may not because people change through time and who knows, you'll find someone else that will love you as much in the future. We are still young and this is not the end :) I hope this helps.

    • Thanks your your answer. I'm doing the whole no contact thing do you think that is a good idea? I just don't know if I can be just friends with him right now.

    • I understand how you feel. The whole no contact thing is quite alright :) Just let him know that you need time for yourself. I'm sure he'll understand. Good luck.

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