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I was texting my ex, and we had got in to a texting argument and we been broken up for about 8 months and she still been single as me. well it do say that she is single on her facebook and MySpace and I know if she had a boy friend she wouldn't keep a secret because she didn't let me lol not that I wanted too, and people say she don't have a boyfriend, but I was texting her and we got in argument and in are relationship we used to argue then talk about sex, so since she single I thought it was okay to bring a old memory way back in this situation so I texted her said get comfortable let me tell you something and I know she was reading everything I was saying, so I texted are you comfortable yet or do you want me to wait till tonight?, and she still didn't respond but I know she read it she just trying to see where I'm going with this I think because wouldn't she say why you want me to be comfortable, so I sent like 5 text message abut what I wanna do to her then after that, she text's me pretending to be her boy friend(but she really single), and the message say that I'm crazy and that's my p**** to back off, and I'm like whoa really like she had to pretend to be a guy? and like how she couldn't just say that after the 1st message I sent, but after I sent 5 msg's of what I wanted to do to her and pretending to be a guy? like what she enjoyed the message first then realized I don't understand can someone give some advice?


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  • She's your ex for a reason, don't f*ck with girls if you aren't prepared to face the consequences.

    Just leave it, you have no reason to contact her, move on already.


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