Please tell me what to do, should I decide to leave him?

I've been seeing a guy for 2 months, and we have had 3 dates and we had sex. Lately he told me that he has been very busy and he's sorry that he cannot find time to have another date. He promised that maybe 'next week' we can go out again. But he hasn't call at all since then. I always want to believe that he is really such busy, but who am I kidding?

The problem is for women, after sleeping with someone we develop feeling for him. If I really want to forget about this guy, I got to have some kind a closure like 'well.. This is the end. Starting today I'll reject all his call, and not returning any message he sent'

It's hard for me to do something like 'oh just see, if he calls then continue and if he doesn't call then it means it's the end'

Please tell me what should I do.

Last month was the last time he contacted me to say sorry. And then I called him a couple of times, or send messages. Then I stayed at his place 2 weeks ago. Now it starts to sound like he's just using me for sex, and I'm not surprised
If a guy doesn't call at all, that is obvious. But if he said he's busy, and then he only calls to arrange a meet up, now that's confusing. He always reply to my texts, but now I'm sick of becoming the needy girl.
guys... where are you?


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  • I say move on you deserve better than that. If he didn't just want you for sex, he would be asking to hang out and meet up. If you guys have sex every time you guys see each other now that he's busy, then you should move on. I know that's not the answer you want to hear. Maybe talk to him about it for closure?

    • u know what? you were right...

    • I'm sorry I wish I wasn't, but at least now you know and you can find someone that'll appreciate you. You definitely deserve that :).

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  • Ah, girlfriend, I am in a very similar position :(

    Does he actually seem busy to you?

    How long has it been since he's tried talking to you?


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