Could it ever work a second time?

My ex and I dated for ten months and it was great... Up until we broke up... I broke up with him, I had my reasons. But not I. Missing him a lot... I see him everyday all throughout the day and it makes me want him back, everyone has said he's changed like he's not as sweet or whatever... I don't believe it, I really just want him back. He looks at me like I'm some sort of bitch now just for breaking up with him... But I'm sure if I could talk to him I could get him back. My question is, could a relationship ever really work out a second time? It's been 4 months since we have been together. Is it ever really the same after a break up?

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What Guys Said 1

  • This is so dependent on why you broke up with to divulge :)

    I mean like if he thought everything was dandy and you end things out of the blue I'm pretty sure he won't want a second helping!

    That being said do you guys still talk during the day , like momentary glimpses of what it used to be like?

    • I'm sure he thought everything was dandy... I broke up with him because 1. He ignored me at school and 2. He was always passing me up to talk to other girls at school. But when school was over he talked to me ALL the time. He was pretty pissed when I broke up with him, but I didn't want a relationship of just texting. And no we don't talk during the day... All of our classes have changed we don't see each other, and I don't text him.

    • Hmmm I hope you mentioned all that to him at the time and didn't just break up with him cause it sounds like your regreting it...

      But I guess you really shouldn't regret it cause that would of pissed me off too...sounds like he wasn't bothered with you when he had other people around...

      if he's giving you dirty looks then its probably not worth your time to even bother with him...

      That being said, the heart wants what the heart wants so I guess you should let him no what happened on your side.

What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm... Yes it's possible a relationship could come together again... Always give a second chance :) there's hope


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