Should I let him go, or should I hold onto him?

okay so me & a friend of mine have been getting to know each other more for 3 months. since about a month & a half ago,we both gave in realizing we both saw each other as more than friends. & we've been like dating. kicker is he is 18 & I'm 20, plus I have a 2 year old. OK neither of us care about the age difference. & he loves my daughter, doesn't mind it at all. okay so we wanted to make it official, but everyone seems to b against it. his mom doesn't want him with me. my pastor asked me to stop it from going on further. now its a mess. because we both are really into each other, were super close & have connected in a crazy way. but its annoying because of all the opposition. its as if it was forbidden love lol. today his mom even yelled at me, & blamed some issues her sons been having on me. frankly I'm unsure how to move forward. all ways seem bad.


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  • If you let him go would you regret it? If you would, then it's worth it. People always get over things over time as soon as something more "gossip-worthy" comes along. I say stick with him if you're crazy about him and see where it takes you. You might second guess yourself for a really long time if you let him go before you're ready.

  • well if he is worth dealing with all the sh*t you are getting from everybody then keep him. If you are really into him then you might regret lettin him go. Also, tell him how you feel if you do end up keeping him.

    if you would be happier with someone else then let him go.


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