Does this suggest he has a girlfriend? Please help!

I thought he'd been showing signs of interest towards me for a while - he's always staring at me, laughing with me, joking around, teasing me playfully, always interested in our conversations - all the signs or so I thought.

A year ago he mentioned an "ex-girlfriend" in a conversation and he hasn't mentioned one since at ALL - but somebody told me yesterday "I thought he had a girlfriend?" I asked them why and they simply replied "I don't know, I just thought he did."

So I asked him, "What have you been up to with your girlfriend recently, then?" as a casual thing, trying to pry into his business and he replied - "I haven't done much recently." Then changed the subject.. he looked embarrassed.

What would this suggest?


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  • no doubt he loves you .

    he does not break up with his girlfriend

    but I think you will be the one

    what you should do is just say it out


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  • his girlfriend is boring him stiff


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  • that he has a girlfriend. you're right

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