What Can I Do To Get Back In Shape?

Right now I am very overweight. I used to have a decent body but I let myself go after some things in my life happened, and then I really messed my metabolism up when I was starving myself. So now I am this big blob but luckily I am tall and carry my weight pretty OK. But I don't wanna look like this anymore, so what are some things I can do to get back in shape quickly? I don't have money for a gym membership but I can do stuff at home. I don't want to be very skinny I'd like to keep my curves (boobs and butt) but just get rid of everything else. What is a routine I can do to help me get back in the saddle?


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  • Better diet (eat more fruits and vegetables instead of fatty snacks.), exercise 1-2 hours a day. Do some running around the neighborhood.


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  • The key is to make small changes that will eventually turn into huge outcomes. No diets work because eventually you will go off it and go back to eating how you used to. You need to enact a lifestyle change. This means eating healthier overall and exercising so you are fit, feel happy and look healthy. That's the only way to lose the weight and keep it off. In order to do this you need to have a positive attitude. Be motivated and stay motivated.

    What I mean is:

    1. Eat healthier. This doesn't mean only eating fruits, veggies and chickens for the rest of your life. You couldn't possibly be happy and stay motivated to lose the weight on the diet of a supermodel. It means smaller portions, better food choices, having a cheat day everyone once in awhile. Drinking more water, less soda/coffee/juice/tea (unless it's green tea). Skipping fast food and being conscious of what you order when you're out at a restaurant.

    2. Get active. Don't give yourself a regiment you can't stick to. You'll set yourself up to fail. Start small. Go for a jog every morning. Get your body conditioned to working and running. Then, once you're feeling good you can start taking your workouts up a notch. Try hitting the gym for an hour a day. Do some weights. Make sure you do cardio. Try different activities that are fun and make you fit so you'll actually enjoy working out! Zumba, kick-boxing, yoga, pilates, pole-dancing. Whatever works for you.

    3. Buy clothes! Buy an amazing outfit a few sizes smaller than what you're currently wearing. Hang it up where you can see it. It will give you a goal to work towards. Instead of focusing so much on the numbers on the scale, when you can finally wriggle into that outfit without effort you'll know you've done well!

    Some personal eating tips I have are to drink ONLY water. No soda, no juice, no alcohol. Water has no calories and your body runs on it. Also, eat plenty of boiled, lean chicken and do not add salt to anything. Salt will make you gain weight. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, brown rice. Get your protein from cheeses, nuts, plain yogurt. Avoid eating any fast food or out at restaurants. If you're having a salad always go for a clear dressing (Italian or vinegar and oil) because there is less calories. Avoid snacking throughout the day (unless it's an apple or plain granola and yogurt - something filling and low calorie) and no eating before bed. Try to eat 5-6 smaller, protein filled meals a day to keep your metabolism up and your stomach from getting hungry.

    As for exercising, you need to run. Running is the fastest and easiest way to tone your body and lose weight. Cardio is the best for you to lose weight and tone up fast.

    Being overweight isn't healthy and you seem like you're ready to do something about it.

    Good luck.

    [These are my answers combined I gave in response to tessamarie and TheCheshireCat's questions]


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