Having trouble breaking up...Xmas?

I'm having trouble going through with breaking up with my girlfriend.

I'm a nice guy and hate seeing anyone sad or crying. I know its not a reason to stay with someone if I'm unhappy. But it seems like every time I'm about to talk to her, she has some kind of issue with work or her family or some holiday or special occasion comes up where I would feel horrible ending it and making that day even worse for her.

I never really had a serious long term relationship until now, so I never had to deal with a real break up. All my other ones before her were not long and basically a mutual breakup, because it wasn't working out (plus the short ones were in HS and beginning of college).

How do I deal with this in a nice way? I know for a fact she is going to cry... Should I end it before or after Xmas? I feel like this is a horrible time, I would hate to ruin her Xmas again (we fought last year and didn't do Xmas)


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  • i don't have any suggestions on how to end it, but I would end it before christmas. you won't be wasting money on each other for gifts, first of all. second, if you wait till after christmas, then you also have to wait till after new year's, when you would be expected to be her first kiss of the year. and the longer you go on wanting to break up, the longer you are wasting your time and stringing her along, making her think everything is fine. it's really better in the long run if you end it asap. good luck :)


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