Will I hear from my ex ever again? He dumped me out of the blue 10 days ago.

I had an amazing relationship with a guy I met 6 months ago. We had a lot in common, laughed all of the time and generally had a great time together doing all kinds of neat things... We had some issues, like all couples and a few weeks ago we were fighting a bit, mostly my fault here as I was going through a lot of stress and taking it out on him. We were planning Xmas and he was always a great communicator, we were totally into each other and then after a fight, four days later he breaks up with me out of the blue, no warning, no discussion, clean break - I was shocked, devastated and still am. He told me that this was for the best, that he cared for me so deeply and was very sad about this ending. After trying to get in touch with him the next day, begging for more on an explanation that I deserved he wrote back in an email and said that I knew what the issues were, that he had never been closer with anyone in his entire life and that he missed me. I am numb. I miss him so much and don't understand why he bailed like that. I have some big things that I need to work on but didn't think he'd just vanish out of my life like that. We were so good together and he was crazy about me, like me to him. I don't think either one of us has ever connected with anyone else the way we did together. Is it over for good? Am I crazy to think there is still hope? I can't seem to let go but each day that goes by I feel that he is slipping away... He said he wanted to call me sometime and be friends - what does that mean? I know that he is hurting too right now and I know that this is not about another woman, I know this for sure. Will I hear from him again? I texted him last night and said that I missed him - no reply. I am totally heart broken. Please give me your thoughts.


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  • I'm sorry to hear that this has happened to you. A similar thing happened to me. That was 6 months ago and I still haven't heard from my ex even once. I stillcan't make any sense out of it.


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